ASW2 Series口罩販賣機

ASW2 Series Mask Vending Machine


   Front end UI (User Interface) Uses simple and easy to understand text narration and can be paired with voice guidance/sound to complete the purchase of products.
   The management system uses an online mode to know real-time when the unit needs replenishment, current transaction amounts and errors.

ASW2 Series can sell

  • Any boutique that can be packed in a box (box size).


  • Optional screen or  product display window
  • Payment module can be assembled Easy card machine、Coin Acceptor、Bill Acceptor.

Coin Slot

Put in enough amount according to the product price, and the amount will be displayed on the screen.

Mobile Payment

Acceptable LINE Pay、JKOPAY、WeChat Pay、taiwanpay、Easy Wallet、Apple Pay、ALIPAY.

Easy Card Payment

Place the EasyCard in the induction area, and the payment will be deducted automatically.

Bill Acceptor

Multi-country and multi-denomination banknotes are accepted.

Product Information


  • Model: Standing Vending Machine
  • Railings: 3 sets
  • Storage Capacity: 60 per railing
                                       (180 total)
  • Load Capacity: Weight limit 3.7 kg /rail
  • Dimensions: 200(L)x100(W)x20(H) mm
  • Color: White


  • Power Source: 110V AC
  • Screen
         Standby: 60.5W
         Operation: 69.3W
         Maximum: 73.7W
  • Product Display Window
         Standby: 15.4W
         Operation: 25.3W
         Maximum: 29.7W
  • Temperature range: Indoor


  • Weight: 118.5 ± 5% kg
  • Dimension: 1941 x 813 x 380  ( ± 5mm )
  • Screen Size:
         21.5-inch Product display window/
         21.5-inch monitor (optional)


Under Construction