RAMS1000 Remote Accounting Managemant System

RAMS1000 Remote Accounting Managemant System


    This product is connected between the coin selector and the vending machine.It's easy to install instead of modifying system and program.
    The remote control box has some function which can recode all bargain, paying by app of phone, and adjust point from machine .


  • Gaming machine
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Massage chair
  • Auto-payment machine
  • Vending machine


  • Control remotely using your smart phone or PC.
  • Easy setup with any smart phone.
  • Adaptable to different machines.
  • Help you keep a close monitor on your income.
  • Easy audit.


Login record and master audit.

Main console description

Complex search that more accurate.

Product Information

Function Description

  • Instantly monitor revenue status
  • Remote audit
  • You can check the account of the machine using your browser or phone.
  • Login/Logout records
  • System program/Password change
  • Bill acceptor setting
  • Merchant database management
  • Machine equipment management
  • Operational statistical analysis



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